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  • Filling in and printing of processing registration application

 The Data State Inspectorate advises the recipient on filling in an application for registration of personal data processing by meeting face-to-face and prints an application.

  • Seminars organised by the Data State Inspectorate in the field of data protection of natural persons

 The Data State Inspectorate organizes training and information seminars on the protection of personal data – registration of personal data processing, personal data protection audit, video surveillance, and other personal data protection issues.

  • Sending a notification by sms or email

 When registering personal data processing, the Data State Inspectorate sends a notification to the controller by sms or e-mail to make a decision.

  • Personal Data Protection Specialist Qualification Examination

 The Data State Inspectorate organizes the examination of personal data protection specialists.

  • Performing a personal data processing audit

 The Data State Inspectorate carries out an audit of the personal data processing upon request of the controller.

  • Registration of personal data processing

 All state and local government institutions, natural persons and legal entities that carry out or wish to initiate the processing of personal data shall register it in accordance with the procedures specified in the Personal Data Protection Law, unless registration is required in the cases specified in Article 21 of the Law. The Data State Inspectorate maintains a single register of personal data processing, in which a person has the opportunity to check online free of charge whether the controller has registered the processing of personal data in accordance with the requirements of regulatory acts.

  • The Data State Inspectorate price list for services
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