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The Data State Inspectorate informs that from 2 January until 29 September, 2017,  19 responsibilities in the area of processing personal data were imposed, in total.


Month Topic
  • Inserting an invoice in a mailbox without sticking it out or without inserting it in an envelope
  • Two decisions on the obligation to copy the personal data contained in the file
  • Placing a mark that alerts you about video surveillance.
  • Inserting an invoice in a mailbox without sticking it out or without inserting it in an envelope.
  • Response to the data subject’s request.
April -
  • Response to the data subject’ s request
  • Prohibition to publish the address of a natural person’s place of residence on the Internet.
  • Two responsibilities regarding the placement of the mark, which warns about video surveillance.
  • Anonymization of personal codes of the officials in a published document in the public sphere.
  • Registration of personal data at the Inspectorate and the obligation to exclude from the lottery registration form the field “Personal code”
  • Permanent ban on the publication of child’s personal data (photographs) on the Internet.
  • Permanent ban on forced auctions to place information on the data subjects (personal codes and details of the past transactions of a person and the amount of credit obligations) on the electronic auction at
  • The obligation to ensure that the legal entity does not process the personal data referred to in the administrative act of the data subject and ensure the deletion of personal data of the legal entity previously put in the debt history database, as well as information about the debt, deletion, and informing the third parties on deletion in accordance with Article 13 Paragraph five of the Credit Recovery Law.
  • The obligation to ensure that the personal data of persons who have acquired the citizenship of the Republic of Latvia as a result of naturalization are not published, including the name, surname, personal identity number, as well as the previously published relevant personal data are deleted.
  • The obligation to register the processing of personal data (in the form of video surveillance).
  • Invitation to Ltd. “” to ensure that all students profiles without parental consent are made publicly unavailable to third parties; remove the field “I agree to participate in the topos and make my profile public” from the student profile registration form on the portal and include it in the profile of the respective pupil’s parents.
  • Permanent ban to the sworn bailiff to process personal data from the date of entry into force of the administrative act, that is, obtaining and retaining copies of the applicant’s and third-party personal identification documents, as well as the obligation to destroy copies of the applicant’s and a third party’s identity documents that are already at the disposal of the bailiff.
September -