"Par personas datiem-VIEGLI"

From July 1st, a free e-learning course "About Personal Data - EASY" is available. Although the primary audience for this e-course is small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, anyone interested in personal data security can learn.

"By taking the data protection training course, an entrepreneur will gain three good things for free: knowledge about personal data protection, sample documentation needed for the company, and customer respect and trust. If an entrepreneur respects customer personal data and doesn't ask for unnecessary information, customers will appreciate and trust the business more," says DSI Director Jekaterina Macuka. "It's better to take the training once and be confident about implementing a personal data protection culture in your company, rather than worrying about potential fines and customer complaints or constantly seeking advice from lawyers."

E-learning is a quick and easy solution that explains the Data Regulation in simple language, its implementation, the main data protection requirements, and the rules for small and medium-sized businesses regarding data collection, monitoring, storage, and deletion.

Anyone interested can use the e-learning course either in open access mode or by registering and selecting the course in Latvian or English. Registered participants will have the opportunity to take a test at the end of the course and upload a certificate for successful completion (at least 70%).

The course is designed to explain the General Data Protection Regulation in simple terms and to create an understanding of its implementation, the main data protection requirements, and the rules for small and medium-sized businesses (including associations, NGOs, etc.) related to data collection, monitoring, storage, and deletion. It is intended for everyone, from regular employees to board members and company owners.

The course content consists of eight sequential modules, each supplemented with practical examples and tasks, self-assessment tests, and visual materials that can be useful even after completing the course.

It takes about a week to complete the course intensively, but it can also be done in stages, exploring various topics in depth. A significant part of it includes practical examples and sample documents that companies can copy and use in their daily work, adapting to their needs. They are designed so that a company without its own lawyer can still correctly format documents and contracts, understanding and complying with the regulations.

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The e-learning course “About Personal Data for Small and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurs” was developed by the Data State Inspectorate within the project "Distance Learning Program in Data Protection" (acronym DLPDP) with the support of the European Commission's financial program "Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values" (CERV) and in collaboration with Datorzinību centrs" and the Dean of the Faculty of Law of the Business University "Turība", Ivo Krievs.