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The credit information office shall have a licence to provide one of the following services:
1) the processing of credit information obtained regarding a natural person in order to transfer it to third parties for use for one of the purposes specified in Section 4, Paragraph two of the Credit Information Office Law;
2) the acquisition of restricted access information from the State information system regarding a natural person at the request of a person who has a legal basis to receive information from the State information system and the transfer of the acquired information to the referred to person for one of the purposes specified in Section 4, Paragraph two of the Credit Information Offices Law.

Process description

  1. Application for Receiving a Credit Information Office Operating Licence
    Payment of the State fee shall be performed before submitting the submission to the State Data Inspectorate.
    In accordance with Section 8, Paragraph three of the Credit Information Office Law, the credit information office shall pay the State fee for the issuance and re-registration of a licence. According to Section 36 of Cabinet Regulation No 267 of 2 June 2015, the amount of the State fee for the issuance of a licence shall be EUR 9100. The amount of the national fee for the re-registration of the licence is EUR 4550.
    The service may be settled with payment cards on-the-spot at the Data State Inspectorate on Blauman Street 11/13-11 or in a payment account:
    Consignee: Treasury
    Registration No: 90000050138
    Account No: LV51TREL1060190913600
    Recipient BIC: TRELLV22
    After payment of the State fee, the stock company shall submit a submission to the State Data Inspectorate. The following information shall be indicated in the application (attaching the supporting documents thereof):
    1. information concerning the applicant (name, registration number, registered office, contact phone and e-mail address of the public limited liability company);
    2. the list of shareholders holding more than five per cent of shares in the public limited liability company;
    3. if a member of the board of a public limited liability company is an alien, a criminal and administrative criminal statement issued by the institution of the country of residence of the person, which maintains information on criminal convictions in accordance with the laws of the State concerned. The certified statement must have been issued not earlier than three months prior to the date of submission of the application licence;
    4. if the application is submitted by a foreign stock company which has registered a branch in Latvia, a certified statement by the relevant State tax administration authority or the competent authority that the stock company does not have tax debts (including mandatory State social insurance contribution debt), the total amount of which exceeds EUR 150;
    5. information containing at least the following:
    5.1. a computer network connection scheme for equipment and servers to be used;
    5.2. a list of server data storage equipment and network equipment (specifying model names);
    5.3. a list of software to be used with versions;
    5.4. the address of the location of the equipment;
    6. system security policy, safety and use rules;
    7. a risk assessment document. It shall indicate the following:
    7.1. the scope of the system;
    7.2. the impact of the identified risks on the operation of the system (including evaluating the probability of the occurrence of risks, materials and intangible losses), the impact on the availability of the system, the confidentiality of data;
    7.3. if violations of the safety of the system have occurred, the following information shall be indicated in addition:
    7.3.1. countermeasures to prevent such violations;
    7.3.2. means of protection which will be utilised if the security violations of the information system recur;
    7.3.3. the listed non-eliminated risks;
    7.3.4. an inventory of the necessary improvements (indicating them in priority order);
    8. an audit report;
    9. information attesting the conformity of the stock company with the requirements referred to in Sub-paragraphs 5.1, 5.2 and 7 of these Regulations;
    10. information on the types of sources of credit information in which the public limited liability company intends to obtain credit information, as well as the categories of beneficiaries of credit information;
    11. a declaration that the processing of personal data, information systems, equipment and procedures comply with these Regulations and the Law on Credit Information Offices. That attestation shall be issued by a public limited liability company which determines the purposes and means of processing personal data and is responsible for the processing of personal data;
    12. if a stock company or any of the elements necessary for its operation (such as equipment or infrastructure) is located outside the Republic of Latvia, a document that justifies that it will be possible for the Data State Inspectorate to perform supervision of the credit information office in relation to activities performed outside the Republic of Latvia that affect the activities of the credit information office in Latvia or for those elements located outside Latvia. the Republic.

  2. Evaluation of the application
    If all the documents referred to in Cabinet Regulation No. 267 of 2 June 2015, Regulations on Licensing and Monitoring of Credit Information Offices, or not all the information referred to in Paragraphs 13 and 14 of these Regulations, or the information provided is incomplete or inaccurate, or the documents have not been presented in conformity with the requirements specified in regulatory enactments, or additional information is necessary information for the taking of a decision, the Data State Inspectorate shall inform the stock company thereof in writing, specifying the time period by which the relevant documents or information must be submitted by the stock company, and accordingly extend the time limit for the taking of the decision referred to in Paragraph 15 of these Regulations of Cabinet Regulation No. 267 of 2 June 2015.
    The decision regarding the issuance of a licence or refusal to issue a licence shall be taken by the State Data Inspectorate within one month from the date of receipt of all the information and documents referred to in Regulation No 267 of 2 June 2015, Regulations on Licensing and Monitoring of Credit Information Offices (13) and (14).

  3. Notification of the decision
    The decision is sent to the stock company at its registered office.
    A licence may be issued in the form of an electronic document if the public limited company has made such a request.

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