The data State Inspectorate is launching a public awareness campaign for small and medium-sized enterprises “Data is value - protect it!”.

The aim of the “data is value – protect them!” campaign is to raise public awareness of the protection of personal data, as well as to draw the attention of entrepreneurs to the need to behave responsibly with the processing of customers' personal data, because the concern for the security of customer data will increase not only their trust in the entrepreneur, but will also contribute to the development of the business as a whole!









Valdis Datiņš: Personas datu nodošana trešajām personām – tikai ar likumīgu pamatu

Continue the story of the Datiņu family! John Dutty, who has recently opened his gym, wants to attract new customers. . The company's homepage has been created where anyone can find information about the services they offer m.. By sending an e-mail adre
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Megija Datiņa: Praktiski ieteikumi pasākumu organizatoriem – fotografēšana, filmēšana un publicēšana

The taking of photographs and videos during the event, their subsequent storage and publication on the company's website constitute data processing within the meaning of the data Regulation.
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Kārlis Datiņš: klienta datu izmantošanai, lai izveidotu uzņēmuma tiešā mārketinga kampaņu

Each customer's information is valuable to the company. . The customer's personal data permeates almost every aspect of the business - from the order delivery address to using the customer's data to create a marketing campaign for the business.
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Jānis Datiņš: kas jāievēro uzņēmējam, veidojot lojalitātes programmas klientiem

John has enlisted his own data Protection Officer as the business expands, which ensures that all customer data is processed in accordance with the data Regulation. . In order to provide support to other businessmen Janis, along with his data
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Jānis Datiņš: personas datu apstrādes reģistrs, pirmais solis atbilstošas datu apstrādes nodrošināšanā

John has realized that creating a personal data register is the first step for the entrepreneur to understand - whether and what information about the customer is needed, avoiding accumulating additional data that has no basis.
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Privātuma politikas izstrāde

This section provides a “privacy policy” form that you can fill out to publish to your company's website.
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